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AngelsCube is a community of experienced venture capital investors and operators who share investment opportunities, best practices, market insights, and resources.

Who are we?

AngelsCube is a vetted community of private capital investors, operators, and mentors joining forces to back and scale the most promising growth technology companies in Europe. Investor members share:

⚡ Deal-flow Origination
⚡ Due Diligence Efforts
⚡ Industry Expertise
⚡ Investment Decisions
⚡ Company Support
⚡ Portfolio Monitoring
⚡ Negotiating Exits

How it works?

the Group

Apply to join the AngelsCube community and once admitted access our private investor group to access vetted investment opportunities.


Engage with other private investors globally through our managed community and start sharing investment opportunities.


Get an outside perspective on your investment decisions. Close larger and faster rounds by leveraging our investor community and taking part in syndicated deals.

Why become a member?

Soundcheck your investment decisions

Instantly test the validity of your investment thesis within the community.

Access market and industry experts

Connect with ad-hoc experts in a specific topic, business, or industry to validate your investment rationale.

Build an accountability peer group

By sharing our investment rationale with a group of like-minded investors, we’re more likely to take better informed decision.

Find mentors and co-investors for your deals

Find the right mentors for your investee companies and help them succeed (mentored founders perform 3x better on average).

Get exclusive access to proprietary deals

We welcome professional investors who, like us, are open to syndicate their deals to other value-add investors.

Extend your team as needed

Our members come from all walks of life - although most of them are seasoned institutional investors and operators - and from all continents. Extend your team as needed and meet new people.

AngelsCube is right for you if...

You are serious about investing

We reckon that founders should be focused on the business not (only) on fundraising. We welcome professional investors who, like us, put their word where their mouth is.

You invest your own pool of capital

We have discretion over our capital and make investment decisions fast and always act professionally.

You want to share or access vetted opportunities

We consider that helping founders close their rounds is part of our value add and are happy to share our deal-flow with other valuable co-investors.

You'd like to connect with like-minded co-investors

Our community attracts savvy investors who are always keen to share their knowledge with others

You know it's not easy to access the right opportunities

Who cares about those cluttered pitch events and fee-charging platforms with no alignment of interest? We seek privileged access to co-investment opportunities

Your benefits when you join


Engage with other private investors globally through our managed community


Regular online events: webinars, podcasts, members-calls


Tutorials, guides and best practices we've created for our community.

Join our investor community

Share deals. Connect with your peers. Learn from others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the community?

We use the free Slack app that’s available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and android. You can access the AngelsCube investor community from any device you own, anywhere you are. When you join, you immediately receive an invite to join us.

Why do you charge a fee?

This is a facilitated group, not social media. If this were free, there would probably be thousands of people in the group. That destroys intimacy and confidentiality.

Do you have refunds?

The membership fee is non-refundable. You can get free access to the Slack channel for 72 hours. If you’re still not sure if this is for you, join the monthly tier to try AngelsCube for just one month. You can also use the monthly tier to promote one of your deals to our community on a one-off basis.

Are there rules?

Yes, there are! First, all our members must be self-certified professional investors. Second, we expect all of our members to behave sensibly, and professionally. Last, we expect full confidentiality. Everyone should feel welcome to share their investment opportunities openly without getting shot down or seeing their information publicly disseminated. If we see a member demonstrating unacceptable behaviour, we will ask them to leave immediately.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept all credit cards.

How can I cancel?

When you sign up, you get your own account. If you want to cancel, simply login to the members area and cancel your account. No need to email or call anyone.

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