TOSHI is an innovative retail service company combining the best in human service with the best technology.

Founded by a team from Net-a-Porter and Google, TOSHI redefines the post-purchase experience, allowing brands to retain and grow their customer base online.

TOSHI integrates directly into brands’ websites to offer in-store services to the customer’s door – delivering the personalised service shoppers now expect, while optimising inventory and returns for brands.

Trained freelance TOSHI Experience Assistants offer a range of services to the customer including convenient delivery, wait & try, alterations, size up / size down, cross-sell / up-sell, pay at door, and instant returns.

By filling the gap in luxury post-purchase service, TOSHI empowers brands to enhance customer retention, improve operational efficiency, and reduce the cost of returns.

Why it is an amazing tech?

TOSHI’s multi-tenant cloud technology is designed for simple integration into brands’ existing platforms. With as little as one line of javascript, TOSHI integrates seamlessly into a brand’s existing checkout to offer a range of in-store services. The TOSHI dashboard can then be used to easily track and amend orders.

TOSHI has developed fully bespoke data, logistics and planning platforms in order to power various key functions, including – real-time order management, efficient organisation of freelance assistants, physical store back-end integration, cutting-edge CRM, and customer and inventory insights dashboards.

By enhancing human service with technology, TOSHI is able to deliver luxury service in a way that is efficient and scalable.

Their Ambition….

TOSHI wants to bring luxury experience back to e-commerce – becoming the trusted partner for retailers who share our focus on customer engagement and lifetime value.