Matchupbox is French startup which operates and maintains a modular, permission-based blokchain network.

This technology can be used in many industries such as banking, insurance and healthcare. MatchUpBox is also building its own application using its technology: Pikcio, a powerful personal data ecosystem.


Why it is an amazing tech?

 MatchUpBox technology allows to exchange data without intermediaries (P2P) and to certify transactions between two entities (blockchain). This network can therefore be used to certify data and to ensure its portability. It has various use cases:

  • KYC’s data portability: allows to decrease operational costs, on-boarding costs and to optimise customer experience.
  • Medical data portability and integrity: allows telemedicine companies, hospitals and patients to certify medical data from connected devices.
  • Compliant with personal data protection regulations, such as GDPR: Privacy-by-design.


With Pikcio, MatchUpBox aims to build the largest personal data ecosystem. Pikcio is the next generation of customer relationship platform. By using MatchUpBox technology, Pikcio offers a new paradigm of customer relationship management: it is the consumer himself who manage his relationship with brands and decide which information, personal data, to share with them.

On the companies’ side, they improve the customer experience as well as increasing their turnover thanks to an optimised customer knowledge within a secure environment of personal data collection and sharing.


Ambition …

MatchUpBox aims to build a world better connected where individuals would have the control over their online personal information. Through its technology, MatchUpBox wants to provide the safest and the most effective way to exchange and certify sensitive data such as personal, medical or financial ones. With Pikcio, MatchUpBox has the ambition to provide to companies a disruptive way to engage with their clients.