Libryo is a cloud-based legal solution that helps you answer the question: What is the law here and now?

Currently Libryo is using its proprietary tools, refining the environmental, health and safety (EHS) laws of over 48 countries.  In this way Libryo is delivering a unique user centric legal solution customised to businesses specific requirements based on where they are and what they do.

Why is Libryo awesome:

Because until Libryo it was impossible, at the press of a button, to know just the laws that are applicable to your business.  With Libryo there is no more searching for the legal pins in the proverbial haystack of irrelevant legal search results.

Today Libryo is able to provide its clients with search specific answers to many of their legal questions.  Something that until now might have taken a team hours, days or even weeks to know or required the engaging of expensive lawyers and consultants.  With Libryo now you know.

Importantly Libryo is also keeping its client updated with all legal changes relevant to their businesses, with additional support resources such as online chat ensuring its customers find their answers swiftly.

What is Libryos ambition:

Libryo is today working towards becoming the default choice for businesses the world over wanting to know their environmental, health and safety legal obligations.  But Libryo believes that in the future all businesses will have their own dedicated Libryos, for any topic of law, answering the question: What is the law here and now?