What is Emolument.com ?

With over 170,000 users from 133 countries and across 20,000 institutions, Emolument.com is the leading crowdsourced salary data website.

It is aimed at professionals across financial, legal and professional services. It enables employees to have clear and up-to-date reference points on what their market value is, whilst allowing companies to make better-informed recruitment and retention decisions on remuneration issues.
Why it is an amazing tech ?

The lack of transparency in pay leads companies to overpay or underpay their staff, which creates frustration for both employer and employee. Emolument.com’s salary benchmarking platform makes for a more transparent workplace where the employer’s energy can be spent hiring the right people and employees can focus on their jobs rather than succumbing to paranoia and distrust of their managers.


To become the TripAdvisor of pay. There is no way in this age that it should be right to sign up to a salary or negotiate a rise being blind. We also believe Emolument.com can help solving societal issues like gender pay gap and can take friction out of the workplace through pay transparency.