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What is eRevalue?

eRevalue’s proprietary database, Datamaran helps companies, advisors and investors globally to generate meaningful insights on emerging risks and opportunities.

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What is SPIXII?

SPIXII is enabling insurance companies to finally start understanding their customers through automation and AI.

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What is Your.MD?

Your.MD empowers people to discover what’s wrong with them thanks to the world’s first AI system

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What is Ernest?

Ernest is building a layer of intelligence on top of traditional bank accounts

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Powr Of You

What is Powr of You?

The holy grail of market research is to understand end-to-end consumer journeys, and therefore identify the right message, time and place to reach customers.

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What is Tailify?

Tailify is an end-to-end solution for Influencer Marketing. The company connects credible influencers on social media with advertisers through a full-service platform.

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What is Findtheripple

FindTheRipple is the first AI-driven bot that helps marketers in generating personalised and timely content based on target audience trends.

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What is Sentisum?

SentiSum is an AI analytics solution helping enterprises leverage all their customer opinion data.

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